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Health Benefits Continue to Escalate the Popularity of CHIROPRACTIC

Chiropractic represents the third largest primary healthcare profession in North America, surpassed in numbers only by physicians and dentists. Chiropractic also serves as the largest, most regulated, and best recognized form of alternative health care. Evidence-based research dating back to the 1800s provides ample details which explain the rapid growth of Chiropractic care for millions of people. The science of the spine continually produces new evidence of the connection between the health of the nervous system and the positive effects radiating through the body. Ailments and diseases seemingly unrelated to the spine continue to find healing and recovery in direct proportion to proper health care for the spine.
Chiropractic delivers results to people of all ages by seeking to get to the underlying cause of sickness and pain. Early detractors attempted to discredit Chiropractic care in favor of medicinal outcomes, although the number of success stories overcame the opposition. New research shows 67% of patients who utilized chiropractic care reported an improvement in overall health. Improvements in sleep, stress reduction, increased performance, and an overall feeling of wellness and improved interpersonal relationships represent some of the many benefits reported by new Chiropractic patients. Well over half of new patient’s report visiting a Chiropractor for the first time in order to treat the root of a health problem rather than just their symptoms.
Chiropractic continues to grow among the millions of Americans who wish to improve their health, performance, and function without the use of pills and pharmaceutical products. A time existed when the general public believed that Chiropractic care revolved around relieving back and neck pain, with refined evidence and success stories soon proved that nervous system care offered solutions for the overall health of the entire body.
Research conducted in the last ten years details the existence of an intimate connection between spinal health and brain function. Any misaligned or immobile vertebra negatively affects the entire nervous system. Chiropractors do not seek to heal a patient, instead focusing on removing interference from the nervous system by improving spinal health and integrity through an adjustment. Science explains that the Chiropractic adjustment improves the brain to body communication network and allows healing and rehabilitation to eradicate pain and other symptoms.
Chiropractic care quickly earned a special place in the regimen of the world’s elite athletes looking to maximize performance. Most sports team now employ a team Chiropractor to reduce injury, improve reaction times, speed, strength, agility, and recovery. The spine’s unique influence on brain and nervous system function combats the stress which impacts the central processing system during physical labor and strenuous activities. Chiropractors assess the spine for areas of nervous system stress and deliver adjustments when necessary to improve the communication from the brain to the body.
Elite athletes and performers take center stage with millions of dollars at stake. They trust Chiropractic to give them a performance edge. The hard-working parent and energetic child deserve the same opportunities to seize their greatest potential through the drug less health and wellness option provided by Chiropractic. Chiropractic notoriety continues to challenge the medical model of health care in favor of a unique approach that favors the health and longevity of family members of all ages. The evidence speaks loudly, and the world continues to respond to the healing message of Chiropractic.

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