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Dothan Residents Rave about Thompson Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

Sharing our experiences with chiropractic care can help us learn all the ways that chiropractic can benefit our lives. Review Thompson Chiropractic testimonials below or if you’ve had an experience at Thompson Chiropractic that you would like to share, click on one of the links below to share your story. If you would like to participate in a video testimonial, please contact Dr. Thompson.

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  • I think I’ve found myself an awesome chiropractor!!

    - David C.
  • I felt comfortable immediately after I met Dr. Thompson. After my first visit, I already love this place!

    - Kelsay L.
  • Excellent service from the heart.

    - Maribel W.
  • I feel very welcome each time I come into the office. I love the atmosphere as well as the gospel music playing softly in the back ground. You guys make me feel like one of the family. Thank You!

    - Karen M.
  • Dr Thompson is wonderful and caring and passionate about serving others. Amy, Dr. Thompson’s wife is kind and prayerful. Scarlet is a JOY when you walk in the office. We all feel better and your service is life changing from Migranes to body aches to shoulder and neck pain and overall improvement in health.

    - Isabelle and Stuart
  • Very pleased with relationship and expect a lot of help from the procedures!

    - Mavin W.
  • I loved it and felt good in the atmosphere.

    - Timothy S.
  • Keep up the good work, God will bless you in your practice!

    - Debbie M.
  • I was pain free in less than 10 visits.

    - Archie T.
  • Very helpful, professional, and courteous.

    - Cameron A.

Very Impressed

I was greeted like they had known me for a long time, but we just met that day I walked in. His office stayed open late just to take care of me. Very impressed with Dr Scot Thompson and his staff!

-Kim K.

So Impressed

I was so impressed with his knowledge of the Word of God and how it all relates to how he created us. So informative! His teaching of how to take better care of ourselves and not just our physical health and how it’s all connected. His chiropractic skills was great (very gentle). First time I’ve been able to relax enough for someone to do my adjustments. I can tell that he is very compassionate about every aspect of his patients lives and truly puts his patients first. This is so rare these days in the health profession. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. You truly are a blessing to me!!

-Joyce R.

Very Grateful

I’m so thankful that I am friends with Amy Sanders who happens to be a neighbor and patient of Dr. Scot and Amy. When she saw that I was in pain, she didn’t think twice about texting Dr. Scot and Amy to help me. I’m grateful for her help and I’m very grateful to Dr. Scot and Amy for taking time out of their personal lives and family time to see me when the office was closed on Saturday and Sunday. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and it meant so much to me that they would do that just to help me. I believe the adjustments have helped so far and I am hopeful that I will be back to normal very soon.

-Heather D.

What a Blessing!

Scarlett was the first point of contact and she was outstanding from the first conversation. Dr. Thompson is very personable and has superb bedside manner. He definitely has mastered his craft my husband felt confident after the first consultation that we God had given us direction to cross paths with this office. WHAT A BLESSING!
-Howard M.


Relief After Years of Suffering with Migraines

“It’s been exceptionally better since chiropractic. I’ve been able to sleep. I’ve been able to sit at my desk and work.”


Pain relief after multiple back surgeries

“The weekly chiropractic adjustments keep my back from getting stiff and takes a lot of the pain away.”

Words Cannot Express My Gratitude

Little did I know that when I found this place it was going to be such a huge part of my life than I ever anticipated or expected. Words cannot express my gratitude and joy having found this business and the complete care and concern they all have for my overall health and well-being. If they had a rating scale I would give them a 10 and a huge thumbs up.
-Debra M.


Suffers from Lower Back Pain

“After two weeks of chiropractic, the pain was gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Scot.”


13 Years of Painful Headaches

“I was having headaches 4-5 times per week and now I am only having less than 1 per week since chiropractic.”

Just Good Care

Great adjustment, great location, in and out quick, flexible scheduling, no gimmicks and no funky equipment to run up your bill. Just good care. I’m picky and I have been to many chiropractors searching for the right one. I think I’ve found him.
-Debra K.


4 Years of Back Pain and Headaches

“Ever since seeing Dr. Scot, I feel 100% better. I notice it if I miss a visit.”

Hope Given

I appreciate he time the staff took to answer questions, the friendly interactions and professionalism. I came to the office unsure what could be done to help me and left reassured that I will feel back to old self with proper treatment. Thank you for the hope given.
-Sunny J.

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